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About Us

123 Clean started in 2020 as a side project but evolved into a company with a mission of providing quality, dependable service for a reasonable price. We provide flexible, custom built cleanings for each of our clients as we know that every home is different and can't be treated with a 'cookie cutter' cleaning plan! We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere for our teams where they can grow, be valued, build relationships, and see the results of their hard work. Our teams have the same goals, mission, and drive to ensure our clients are receiving a quality product...every client, every clean. Cleaning that's easy as 1...2...3

My Story

123 Clean was created by single mom, Bobbi Nelson. Born in North Carolina and splitting the majority of her life between North Carolina and Alabama.  A bartender, server, and restaurant manager for 15 years, the birth of her son, Bentlee Raynes Nelson in 2009 was the catalyst for so much change. After the death of her father in 2016, Bobbi moved herself and her son to Ohio to be close to family and started working towards becoming a real estate agent in a state she knew nothing about. In 2020, Bobbi was working a dead end, full time job while trying to make her dream of being a Realtor come true, only to discover how hard it was without already having a sphere of influence. A friend suggested Bobbi pick up a few cleaning jobs until real estate took off but oh how the universe makes it's own rules! Covid affected everyone in different ways but, for Bobbi, it was a blessing. Real Estate halted. Cleanings halter. The full time, dead end job halted. 6 months into Covid, though, the need for cleaning services outweighed the fear of the virus. What started as a part time job with 1 or 2 clients, quickly escalated into her quitting her full time job and needing to hire part time help. A year into Covid and real estate was no longer Bobbi's focus and she suddenly had enough work for herself and another full time team member. The business had a mind of it's own for the first few years but Bobbi knew that if cleaning was going to turn into a business, she wanted a business that would foster a healthy atmosphere that is family friendly and supports mental, physical, and emotional health of it's teams. She wanted a business she could be proud of, not just for herself, but for her son, and for the team members. 123 Clean was born out of all these desires and continues to provide an environment that values each of the team members that make us great! 

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